Selected Chamber works

Echoes from the birdcage (2017)
Small ensemble
commissioned by Kings Cross and PRSF
programme notes/audio

St George's mass (2015)
Vocal quartet (SATB)
comissioned by Illustra and St George's Church

Raindrops Rag (2014)
Solo xylophone

Mindstream (2014)
Double Concerto for Percussion, Violin, and chamber strings
Comissioned by Evelyn Glennie and Hugo Ticciati
programme notes/audio

Resonance (2014)
Solo cello work based around the science of cymatics
programme notes/audio

Revelation (2013)
Vocal quartet and viol consort
Based on two texts:sure on this shining night and nunc dimittis
commissioned for London Festival of Contemporay Church Music programme notes/audio

Supra Nimbus (2012)
for big band
Comissioned by The Horn factory

Shadows (2008)
For wind, brass and percussion ensemble
bringing together jazz and classical performers programme notes/audio

Voices of change (2008)
For choirs SSA, SATB, jazz piano, bass and saxophone
comissioned by Addison choir

Clouds (2007) (That new music Library, USA)
Contemporary piece for unaccompanied chamber
choir and soprano soloist, programme notes/audio

Opus 42 (1999)
nr 1 Voices String and vocal quartet (3 movements)
nr 2 Moods String Quartet, piano and electronic bass (3 movements)
nr 3 Friendship String and vocal quartet, piano/keys, electric bass and soprano saxophone
commissioned by Arts Council England programe notes/audio