"We should learn how to look at life as streams of being, and not as separate entities. You of this moment are no longer you of a minute ago. There is no permanent entity within us, there is only a stream of being.”
...Thich Nhat Hanh

A stream of musical consciousness in continual flux, Mindstream in part reflects the Buddhist view of impermanence. Within the human experience, impermanence means a constant letting go; of grief, anger, love, joy, and finally ego. From this point of acceptance we can wholly 'let go' in order to experience life with an almost joyful abandonment. Musically, the listener is being asked to continually let go; of a motif, idea, phrase, or soundscape in order to be fully immersed in the moment. That moment may mean different things to different people, and is experienced then released.

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'Mindstream' image by Chrissie Leong (C) 2015

Mindstream is art music with jazz waywardness, a flow that reflects life’s constant fluctuations”
Swenska Dagbladet 24th May 2015 (p. 685)

"Stompingly joyful energy" Robert Sargant Syllabus Manager ABRSM