The Language of Bells

The ringing of bells has meant many things to people for centuries: the call to worship, a marking of time, an alarm for danger, the joy of marriage, the sorrow of death. Written for internationally renowned percussionist Evelyn Glennie with viols and voices mixes the sounds of old and new, life and death, celebration and mourning, and examines the call of bells pealing across centuries of human experience.

1. Opening Bells and Chants

2. Awakening 1 and 2

3. Travel and loss

4. Alarm

5. In celebration of peace

6. Closing bells and chants


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Image by Chrissie leong

The Language of Bells teaser


From left to right Evelyn Glennie, Chelys viol consort, Robert Rice, David Gould, Stephen Harold, Emily Atkinson, Jill Jarman

"...hypnotic and captivating" Norwich and Norfolk Festival