PhD and Post Doctoral Research

Using science and the natural environment to inform musical composition: A portfolio of original compositions, with a subsidiary research project 'Audience reception and promotion of contemporary classical music in the UK'


Soundwaves of light (2005) programme notes/audio
Written for large orchestra and informed by light emissions from the stars. Tone rows and harmonies were decided upon based on calculations of a stars frequency. the calculations were provided by Dr Paul Stevenson, University of Surrey.

Clouds (2007) programme notes/audio
Is informed by the natural environment, written for unaccompanied chamber choir and soprano soloist, and draws upon an eclectic mix of vocal styles.

Shadows (2008) programme notes/audio
Written for a wind, brass and percussion ensemble bringing together jazz and classical performers.

H2O (2009-10) programme notes/audio
The behaviour of an orchestra is dictated by the molecular structure of water in three different states; solid, liquid, and gas. A new chordal device, polychords of limited transposition, was designed to take dominant seventh-type chords away from an obvious tonality.

Resonance (2014) programme notes/audio
Written for solo cello. Making sound visible through the science of cymatics.


Jill Jarman studio

Music research continues to focus on compositions that seek to answer questions of how, and to what extent, science and the natural environment can inform musical composition. This enquiry in part addresses a subsidiary research question of how contemporary classical music can connect with a wider public without compromising the music